Here I go again

I’m new to blogging. I don’t expect that’s news to anyone. When I decided I wanted a blog, I googled “free blog” like you do, and picked the first one. I didn’t get on with the mechanism for uploading photos, so I’ve switched. And so far I’m much happier because I can just do this:

These are 2 little toys I made for a colleague’s twin daughters’ first birthday. I found the pattern in a magazine. They are intended to be topsy turvey with a face on each side and therefore knitted in the round. As I don’t get on with dpns I decided to knit them flat, and one sided for quickness.
I would say to any new knitters not to overlook knitting toys, especially in the early stages, as you can learn and practice many new techniques when making a toy, and often they use very little yarn.
This post is very brief as it’s by way of being a test transmission for my new blog. I apologise in advance as I expect it may change its appearance a few times before I really settle down with it.

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One Response to Here I go again

  1. These are very cute. Jx

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